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UCSHIP for Non-registered Students and Dependents

All registered domestic and international students are automatically enrolled in the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) however there are a few other classes of individuals who may enroll in the plan on a voluntary basis. Those groups are:

  • Recently graduated students who were covered by UC SHIP during the prior quarter
  • Graduate students who are on an Approved Leave of Absence
  • Graduate students who are on a Filing Fee status
  • Dependents of students who are enrolled in the UC SHIP
  • NOT ELIGIBLE for UCSHIP: Visiting scholars, post-doctoral scholars, alumni (other than recently graduated - see left menu) 

If you would like to enroll your dependents, click on the appropriate form below and submit directlys to AHP.  Refer to the selections below to learn about who is eligible and how to enroll in the voluntary plan.