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Visitors From Other UC Campuses

Reciprocity Guidelines

All UC students are welcome at UCSD Student Health and Well-Being. UC Students from other campuses may access care at our clinic. Students with UC SHIP may use their Anthem Blue Cross plan the same way they would at their home campus. We will bill Anthem for your services. You will be required to financially fulfill any out of pocket expenses, such as copays or coinsurance at our UCSD Student Health Pharmacy prior to departing our clinic. Students that waive UC SHIP are still allowed to use our facility, they will need to be classified as "Fee for Service" and they will need to pay their fees prior to leaving the clinic after their visit. We cannot bill other UC bursars, so we need to receive your payment on the same date of service in our clinic. We accept credit cards and debit cards. All payments are made at our UCSD Student Health Pharmacy.

Exception – UC Berkeley Students

If you're enrolled at UC Berkeley, your student health insurance coverage is offered by your local campus and is not part of UC SHIP. Visit Berkeley University Health Services site for more information. UC Berkeley students must pay for services at UCSD before leaving the clinic on the date of service.

Exception – UCSD Extension Students

Students enrolled at UCSD Extension may use UCSD Student Health for their health care needs. Students of UCSD Extension do not participate in the UC SHIP offering. UCSD Extension students must pay for services at the time they are being treated. UCSD Extension staff members will assist you in claiming the services through your health care insurance and seeking reimbursement. Any questions, please contact UCSD Extension at (858) 534-3400.