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UC SHIP: Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I get a copy of my insurance card?

  1. Log onto TritonLink to verify that your current address is correct. This is the address that is provided to Anthem. Your name, date of birth, and ZIP code must match exactly what is on file with Anthem.
  2. If your address is incorrect, please update TritonLink under Personal Tools, CURRENT ADDRESS, then email with the address correction and we will forward it to the insurance carriers. You can access your insurance card by downloading the Sydney Health app and registering there.
  3. If your address is correct, go to If you have not visited this site before, you will need to establish an account by clicking on "Register". When you are asked for your member ID number, enter it as it appears on your member ID card. If you do not have your member ID number, call customer service to get it.
    • Click the "Customer Care" tab in the top right corner. Select the "Print Temporary Card" option and follow the instructions to create and print your temporary ID card.
    • You can print the ID card using your own printer and use the card at your next doctor's appointment.

To get an E-card, use the ​mobile app​.

If you have any questions, call Anthem Customer Service at (866) 940-8306.

When do I need a referral from the Student Health Services clinic providers?

If you are enrolled under this plan as a student and you need medical care, you must first go to Student Health Services for treatment during their regular hours of operation. Student Health Services will provide a written referral if your condition requires medical services that are not available at SHS. Referrals are made at the sole and absolute discretion of SHS. The referral does not guarantee payment or coverage. The services must be medically necessary and a covered benefit under this plan. If you receive medical care without prior referral from SHS, the expenses will not be covered, except for urgent or emergency care of a medical or psychiatric nature. Student Health Services does not provide retroactive referrals.

How long are SHS referrals valid?

SHS referrals expire one year from the date they are written, unless a shorter period is indicated on the referral. Referrals are not valid for more visits than the number of visits indicated on the referral. If additional treatment is necessary beyond the number of visits or beyond the expiration date, it is the student's responsibility to obtain a new referral from UCSD SHS prior to receiving services. SHS does not provide retroactive referrals. To request a new referral, you will need to make an appointment with Student Health Services by calling (858) 534-8089. NO BENEFITS ARE PAYABLE in the absence of a SHS written referral or emergency.

Does UC SHIP provide vision coverage?

Yes, UC SHIP automatically includes vision coverage through Anthem Blue View Vision. You may use your vision benefits at the SHS Optometry Center, or by calling Anthem Blue Cross at 866-940-8306.

Does UC SHIP provide benefits for pregnancy?

Yes. Pregnancy is considered the same as any other medical condition. Maternity care benefits are based on the type of service provided. The plan does not include a pre-existing exclusion. The plan requires that you obtain a referral from SHS for all obstetrical care. Nursery stay for a newborn is considered eligible.

I just graduated. When will my coverage end?

Coverage will continue through the last day of the quarter for which you are registered at UCSD and are enrolled in the plan. Graduating students enrolled in UC SHIP during the Spring quarter have continued coverage through the Summer quarter, up to the start of the coverage period for Fall quarter. See "After Graduation" for more details.

I'm no longer covered under UC SHIP. How can I prove I had continuous coverage under UC SHIP?

You may request, either in writing or by phone, a Certification of Group Health Plan coverage from:

Anthem Blue Cross
PO Box 60007
Los Angeles, CA 90060

UC SHIP Customer Service: (866) 940-8306
Main Customer Service: (800) 274-7767

How do I update my address to ensure I receive notices from my insurance company?

Go to Under TOOLS: Personal, click on Maintain Addresses. Log in. Update the address listed under "Current Address" to a valid US Postal address. Be sure to list the full street address with apartment/unit number. Address lines are limited to 25 characters. Make sure you save your changes before logging out.

What if I am sick and the SHS clinic is closed?

You can call the main SHS number (858) 534-3300 after hours and select the option to speak with an advice nurse who can help you decide what to do or where to go.

What do I do if I am experiencing a medical emergency?

If you are experiencing a life or limb threatening emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital and access their emergency room.

Are Urgent Care services covered?

There is an Urgent Care located in SHS. Read more here: SHS Urgent Care.

You may call Anthem Blue Cross for Urgent Care benefit information or to locate participating Urgent Care facilities.


What are my UC SHIP benefits for prescriptions?

Students are encouraged to use the SHS Pharmacy whenever possible. When using SHS, copays vary from $5-$100 depending on the medication. The plan allows you to use non-SHS pharmacies, however your cost per prescription will be more expensive. Refer to the UC SHIP Benefits Booklet to review your benefits.

You may also call the SHS Pharmacy at (858) 534-2135 to inquire about the cost and availability of specific medications.

Where can I fill my prescriptions?

Students are encouraged to use the SHS Pharmacy whenever possible. For filling prescriptions after-hours or when out-of-the-area, students may call Anthem Blue Cross at (866) 940-8306 to locate a participating pharmacy.

Do I have to use the Student Health Services Pharmacy?

No, but by using the SHS Pharmacy, your copays will be lower than if you use a non-SHS pharmacy, and you'll be helping to control costs billed to UC SHIP which helps to keep the premium lower. You may call Anthem Blue Cross at (866) 940-8306 to locate a participating pharmacy for after-hours or out-of-area prescriptions.

If I go to a non-SHS pharmacy, can I seek reimbursement from Anthem?

By using an Anthem participating pharmacy, you are only required to pay the applicable copay. If you use a non-participating pharmacy, you will be required to pay the full cost and then file a claim. For questions on reimbursement, claims, or an explanation of benefits, please call Anthem Blue Cross at (866) 940-8306.


How can I check the status of a pending claim?

To receive information on claims status, call Anthem Blue Cross at (866) 940-8306.

I received a statement from Anthem that says 'THIS IS NOT A BILL" What do I do?

This is considered your Explanation of Benefits from Anthem. They are informing you that they have received a bill or claim for services incurred by you or a dependent. The Explanation of Benefits explains how the insurance company adjudicated the claim. If you need additional information regarding a claim, call Anthem Blue Cross at (866) 940-8306.

I have other insurance coverage in addition to UC SHIP. Can I still file a claim with UC SHIP?

Yes, however UC SHIP is secondary to other insurance (except Medi-Cal and TriCare), which means the claim should be filed with your other insurance as primary. Call Anthem Blue Cross at (866) 940-8306 for instructions on how to file a claim under UC SHIP.

Why do I receive multiple bills when I receive treatment at UCSD Medical Center?

Many services rendered at UCSD Medical Center generate two bills:

  • UCSD Medical Center bills for technical and facility charges
  • UCSD Medical Group bills for the professional charges of the physician or clinician

If you received services through the Emergency Room, you may also see a separate bill for the professional fee for the physician who saw you in the ER.

For questions about your bills from UCSD providers, call:

  • UCSD Medical Center (855) 827-3633
  • UCSD Medical Group (619) 543-3000
  • UCSD Emergency Physicians Group (888) 486-4380

Why am I receiving a bill if I have UC SHIP?

You may be receiving a bill because the provider does not have your insurance information and was unable to bill your insurance. You may be receiving a bill for the amount not covered by UC SHIP. If your services were rendered at UCSD, you will be required to pay your deductible and/or copays, as well as any services not covered by the plan.


Do I have to pay the child premium for each child I enroll in the dependent plan?

No. You do not pay the amount for each additional child. You pay the child premium for child coverage, whether you have one child or more than one.

Are dependents required to obtain a written referral from Student Health Services prior to seeking treatment?

No. Unlike UC SHIP, dependents are not required to obtain a referral from SHS. Student Health Services is a private facility that only services registered students. Dependents are not eligible to use SHS.

Will my dependent receive a Health Insurance card?

Anthem Blue Cross will issue an insurance card for each of your covered dependents. Their member ID# is the same as yours. To request a new card, please see "How do I get a copy of my insurance card?" at the top of this page.

Does the dependent plan provide benefits for pregnancy?

Yes. Pregnancy is considered the same as any other medical condition. Maternity care benefits are based on the type of service provided. Nursery stay for newborns is considered eligible.

Is my newborn baby covered under my insurance?

A newborn is covered for any illness or accident for 31 days from birth. To continue coverage for a newborn beyond the first 31 days, you must enroll him/her in the voluntary UC SHIP for dependents even if you already pay for dependent child coverage. Refer to the ​Dependent Coverage page for more information on enrolling dependents.