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UC SHIP - Student Health Insurance Plan

Lyra Health Discontinued 8/1/24

UC SHIP will no longer cover services with Lyra Health as of August 1, 2024. Learn more at Mental Health Support with Lyra.

Important Orientation Information

Undergrad Students

UC SHIP Information 2023-2024

Download Undergrad File (PDF)

Grad Students

UC SHIP Information 2023-2024

Download Grad File (PDF)

What is UC SH​​IP?

In 2011, the UC Regents made health insurance a mandatory non-academic condition for enrollment. To ensure that all students have adequate health care coverage, including ongoing primary and specialty care, and to satisfy the mandatory health insurance requirement, UCSD automatically enrolls all registered students into UC SHIP.

UC SHIP is a student-focused benefits package for UCSD graduate and undergraduate students, including strong medical, behavioral health, pharmacy, dental, and vision care benefits. UC SHIP is compliant with the Affordable Care Act requirements and works to complement your care at the Student Health Services right on campus. Enrollment is automatic for registered students; waiver application is also available.

How am I ​enrolled in UC SHIP?

Each quarter that you enroll in classes at UCSD, your student billing account is automatically charged the fee for UC SHIP, and this appears on your e-bill statement as a separate charge. If you are already covered by another insurance plan and wish to opt out of UC SHIP and have the UC SHIP fee waived, you must apply for a Health Fee Waiver through TritonLink. A new waiver must be submitted for each academic year.

Read How to Waive UC SHIP for more information about the Health Fee Waiver process, including waiver deadlines & waiver criteria.

How much doe​​​s UC SHIP cost?

  • Undergraduate students: $753.00 per quarter
  • Graduate and Professional students: $1,470.00 per quarter

The fee is charged to your student billing account along with other mandatory registration fees each quarter (Fall 2023, Winter 2024, and Spring 2024). Coverage for Summer 2023 is included in the cost for Spring quarter. Students enrolled in UC SHIP for Spring quarter have continued coverage for the Summer, up to the start of fall quarter.

When doe​​s UC SHIP coverage begin and end?


  • Fall: 9/25/2023 – 1/2/2024
  • Winter: 1/3/2024 – 3/26/2024
  • Spring: 3/27/2024 – 9/22/2024

If you are part of an Early Start program, please contact your department advisor for further assistance.

Qualifying Event Application

If you have had a qualifying life event recently or plan to and you would like to add/remove a spouse, domestic partner, or dependent from the UC SHIP insurance offering, please file the application below with AHP.

Please fill out this form for all qualifying event enrollments (marriage/divorce, loss of prior coverage, newborns, etc.). The form must be submitted within 31 days of your qualifying event date.

UC San Diego Health Insurance Requirements AY23/24

Health Insurance Requirement Presentation (PDF)

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