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Administration Team

SHW Administration provides insurance, clinical billing, and medical record support for students alongside the business, financial, data analytics, and human resource infrastructure that services the Student Health and Well-Being cluster, collections, facilities, and space.


  • Tes Nebrida

    Tes Nebrida

    Department Business Officer
  • Leonelle Barron

    Leonelle Barron

    Executive Assistant
  • Aimee Basom-Turpin

    Aimee Basom-Turpin

    Financial Analyst
  • Nina Benham

    Nina Benham

    Financial Services Analyst


  • Carlos Morris

    Carlos Morris

    Facilities Management Specialist

Information Technology

  • Bernard Morales

    Bernard Morales

    Information System Analyst
  • Marlon (Mars) Albano

    Marlon (Mars) Albano

    Information System Analyst


  • Jill Battikha

    Jill Battikha

    Insurance and Billing Manager
  • Divina Aleonar

    Divina Aleonar

    Insurance and Billing Coordinator
  • Sharon Beachley

    Sharon Beachley

    Insurance and Billing Coordinator
  • Jessica Morris

    Jessica Morris

    Lead Insurance and Billing Coordinator
  • Leslie Ramirez

    Leslie Ramirez

    Insurance and Billing Coordinator
  • Maybelline Vitas

    Maybelline Vitas

    Insurance and Billing Coordinator

Medical Records

  • Sabrina Leary

    Sabrina Leary

    Lead Medical Records Analyst
  • Dani Cloutier

    Dani Cloutier

    Medical Records Analyst