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UC SHIP Committee

Student Government

Your campus Student Health Insurance Plan Committee (SHIP) advances student input on the health and counseling needs and the health services offered on our campus. The Student Health clinic leaders select one graduate and one undergraduate student representative to the UC SHIP Executive Operations Board (EOB).

As EOB members, student representatives review and vote annually on the UC SHIP benefits (including medical, pharmacy, dental, vision and behavioral health coverage) and meet each month during the academic year to review the financial performance of the plan. They also make recommendations about how to balance requests for new benefits and maintain affordable health plan costs for students.

You will find our meeting agendas and minutes for the current school year, outreach events, and a schedule of our meetings here.

Our current Graduate Representative is Oluwatosin Jegede, MD. Our current Undergraduate Representative is Norah Park.

Agendas and Meeting Minutes


To learn more about the UC San Diego Student Health Insurance Plan Committee — including how to get involved please email one of the following. 

Stacie San Miguel, MD:
Oluwatosin Jegede, MD:
Norah Park:

Feedback on UC SHIP, may be emailed to

Meeting Schedule

Outreach information

Outreach Schedule For UC Ship: 

Upcoming Events Time Location Event Name
4/13/24 SAT 8-5pm SHS/Lib Walk Triton and Transfer Days
5/3/24 FRI 10-3pm Lib Walk Incoming Student resources
5/7&9/24 11-12pm SIO Early Start PhD and Masters
5/15/24 WED 10-1pm RIMAC Coaches and Athletes
5/17/24 FRI 10-3pm Lib Walk Incoming Student resources
5/2024 TBD TBD SOM New PA School Orientation

UC SHIP Benefit Booklet