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MyStudentChart and the UCSD Health System

MyStudentChart is a portal between UCSD Health System and UCSD Student Health. Your insurance information will not be on file if you have never visited UCSD Health System. It is only updated when you access care at UCSD Health System.

For services at UCSD Student Health, we have your insurance status on file, you just can’t see it. For any care needs, please contact UCSD Student Health at (858) 534-3300.

Prior Referrals are required for services at UCSD Health, if you don’t achieve a prior referral, you will be financially responsible for any care rendered outside of UCSD Student Health Clinic. No referral is required for Urgent Care or Emergency Room services. No referral is required for on campus COVID testing and vaccines. These services will be billed to the campus. A prior referral is required if you plan to go offsite, outside of UCSD Student Health for COVID testing.

Screenshot of MyStudentChart login page